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You'll feel confident in the care we provide after you've learned more about our history, our practice and our well-qualified, caring practitioner, Bonnie Pang. We are proud of our history and tradition of quality care.

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Ming Yip is the only Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice in western Pennsylvania, which combines an acupuncture clinic with an herbal retail store. Therefore, we can provide both acupuncture and/or herbal consultation.


More importantly, we are among the few clinic/stores in all of the USA, which carry mostly sulfur free herbs. Our herbs are grown in GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified farms, which comply with the USDA and FDA standards. Beside the bulk herbs, we carry large variety of concentrated herbal granules, herbal pills and other health supplements. Our herbal granules are in the purest form, with no preservative, coloring, heavy metal and pesticide residue. In addition, 95% of our herbal pills have a GMP (Good Manufacture Practice) award.


Ming Yip is a general practice. We treat a large variety of ailments, and provide wellness maintenance and facial rejuvenation. Our treatments are effective and our herbs are of high quality. We have been trying every means to maintain a modest price for our quality because we want more people be able to benefit from TCM. We are never satisfied with our achievement and we are continuously making effort to excel ourselves.

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Customized treatment plans from an NCCAOM certified osteopathic acupuncturist.

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Bonnie was born and grew up in Hong Kong, a culturally diverse society, also diverse and adventurous was her career path. Bonnie started her medical career as a registered nurse. After several years of working, she left Hong Kong for the USA. A young mind wanted to see the world. From Colorado State University, Bonnie graduated with a degree in Occupational Therapy which she practiced in San Francisco for eleven years. Interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); Bonnie took on an extra-long course of post graduate study. By this way, she could maintain her high demanding full time job in rehabilitation medicine and the important role as a single mother of two young children at the same time. With strict self-discipline, strong physical and emotional stamina, Bonnie was able to meet all the demands from her multiple roles in life. Her strength came from a healthy life style, positive attitude and a great devotion to TCM.


Bonnie was licensed in both acupuncture and herbal medicine in California- the most difficult attained license in the USA. However, her CA license was not valid for practicing in Pennsylvania. Bonnie believes obstacle can only make people stronger; she took the NCCAOM examination and passed. Bonnie is now both national and PA licensed in acupuncture and herbology.


Bonnie is a well-qualified healer based on her life experience and medical knowledge. She has modeled to her patients the importance of maintaining a healthy life style and positive attitude. Self-actualization and life-long learning is Bonnie’s philosophy of life. Seeing patients’ condition improved from her treatment is Bonnie’s greatest joy. Quality treatment can only be achieved with continuous effort to excel herself.

About Bonnie Pang , Dipl. OM, O.T.R.