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       "I began seeing Dr. Pang because of a frightening downward-spiral of health that had suddenly begun six weeks earlier. I was experiencing periods of full body muscle tension spreading outwards from my jaw; an ever worsening progression of muscle weakness, particularly in my legs. I was waking up four to six times each night with muscle cramps in my feet and legs. During the day, any exertion of my muscle triggered the muscle to cramp as did any stretching of the muscle. I was at the end of my rope and worried when I finally came to see Dr. Bonnie Pang who listened to my story and checked my pulse and tongue. She masterfully composed a blend of herbs that immediately warmed and strengthened my legs, softened my cramps and allowed me to sleep through the night. The herbs she gave me were in the form of a tea that I boied each day. With every passing day my strength increased and felt like Dr. Pang had saved me from an early death. An unexpected benefit is that my snoring and sleep apnia has gone away, so now both  myself and my girlfriend are sleeping better than ever. Thank you so much Bonnie Pang! You are the best! I would refer anyuone to see Dr. Pang as a primary or complementary path to your highest level of health."

                                                                              -Daniel Barber, Penn Hills, PA

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       "I have received acupuncture treatments from Bonnie Pang for more than two years. She has helped me more than any other form of treatment for my ADD, allergies and general health. I take no prescription medications and generally feel great considering my age is 56.

       She is kind, professional and her fees are affordable. The hours at her clinic are convenient and it's easy to access. I am impressed and so grateful to know of Bonnie Pang and be able to use her services."

                                                                            -Katie Gussenhofen, Monaco, PA